Copies of the original Inform 7 standard example websites as published on and earlier on still exist on the Wayback Machine. There are also copies of the Inform 7 app back to build 3K27, the first beta release.

I’ve added links to the IFDB entries for all 6 games and downloaded copies of all source files, game files and app versions.

The following versions of the standard examples have been downloaded. The versions are named according to their release number, r, serial number, s, and Inform 7 build. Note that, in all cases, games with an original release number of 1 did not have their release number updated.


  1. r11-s060503-3K27
  2. r12-s101025-6F95

Damnatio Memoriae

  1. r5-s060503-3K27
  2. r6-s101025-6F95


  1. r1-s060503-3K27
  2. r1-s101025-6F95

The Reliques of Tolti-Aph

  1. r1-s060430-3K27
  2. r1-s101025-6F95

When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste

  1. r2-s060503-3K27
  2. r3-s100530-6E37

When in Rome 2: Far from Home

  1. r1-s060503-3K27
  2. r1-s090410-5Z70